Various Artists - Born To Lose, Doomed To Die [VA]

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Release date: 21 September 2019


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01. Norilsk - Intro - Officium Triste (Part II)/Mountains Of Depressiveness [Officium Triste cover]
02. Majestic Downfall - In Pouring Rain [Officium Triste cover]
03. Kurb Saatus - Dreams Of Sorrow [Officium Triste cover]
04. Beyond Our Ruins - Your Eyes [Officium Triste cover]
05. Marche Funèbre - Lonesome [Officium Triste cover]
06. Evadne - Like Atlas[Officium Triste cover]
07. Officium Triste - The Weight Of The World [Editors cover]
08. Illimitable Dolor - On The Crossroads Of Souls [Officium Triste cover]
09. Who Dies In Siberian Slush - One With The Sea [Officium Triste cover]
10. My Silent Wake - To The Gallows [Officium Triste cover]
11. Eye Of Solitude - My Charcoal Heart [Officium Triste cover]
12. Façade - This Inner Twist [Officium Triste cover]
13. The Hoppy Forest - The Happy Forest [Officium Triste cover]
14. Officium Triste - Sleepless [Anathema cover]

Additional info
Compilation album to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Officium Triste.
Released on the band's imprint Weeping Willow Records.

Mastered by Jonathan Merrelaar at Red Pack Productions.

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