Manowar - Sign Of The Hammer

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Release date: 1984
Style: Heavy metal, US power metal


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01. All Men Play On Ten
02. Animals
03. Thor (The Powerhead)
04. Mountains
05. Sign Of The Hammer
06. The Oath
07. Thunderpick
08. Guyana (Cult Of The Damned)

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Joey Jo Jo
Not many people will admit it, or even know it; however, Manowar had a lot of vision back in their prime during the mid 80s. Albums like Hail to England showed the band in a very aggressive but epic light. Hail was a more aggressive album with songs like "Kill with power" and "Each dawn I die", but Sign of the hammer takes a more melodic route while still keeping the sound they had in their previous effort in the vein of epic songs like "Blood of my enemies".

published 06.08.2005 | Comments (8)

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24.06.2015 - 20:29
Infernal Eternal
The "epic" approach of Manowar reaches its prime here as well as Hail To England. They later changed hteir style towards a "total metal" sound that a lot of metalheads find boasting etc. This is the last album of their first period (1980-1986 approximately).
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09.07.2016 - 20:52
Rating: 6
Boring. IMO the only worthwhile songs here are #1 and #8. It definitely sounds Manowar, but it doesn't kill.
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17.07.2016 - 19:15
Rating: 8
Damn. Manowar actually did once release good albums, it feels so distant. Probably my favourite Manowar album, no real turkeys lying around on this one (Thunderpick is questionable). Good variety in the songs here as well. Two very well written epics (Mountains, Guyana), catchy mid-paced songs (Thor, All Men Play on Ten) and also some awesome speed metal (The Oath, Sign of the Hammer). Eric Adams was bloody amazing during this period!

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