Emeth - Reticulated

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Release date: 2006
Style: Brutal death metal, Technical death metal


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01. Eleven
02. Fallacy Of Reason
03. Karmic Impediment
04. Heteronomy Of The Will
05. Concentric Diversions
06. Predestined To Persevere
07. Order From Chaos
08. Synoptical Incoherence
09. Nescientia

Additional info
Genre: Brutal Death Metal
Length: 31:29
Country: Belgium
Label: Brutal Bands

Vocals: Tom Kimps
Guitars: Peter Goemaere
Guitars: Matty Dupont
Bass: Kevin
Drums: Tom Ales

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I remember the first time I ever heard about this band called Emeth, it was back in 2004 when the CD "Insidious" popped in my head after some Death Metal talk with some friends; then a year later the band sent me their album to review. Let me tell you guys, I was amazed by the brutality found in that album, every single track was a bullet piercing my brain slowly and painfully; I liked that album a lot so I said to myself "I fucking have to hear their new release…but damn I'll have to wait more than 10 months for it...well if their next album becomes as great as this I won't care".

published 26.06.2006 | Comments (8)

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