Nocte Obducta - Nektar Teil I: Zwölf Monde, Eine Handvoll Träume

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Release date: August 2004
Style: Progressive black metal


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01. Einleitung: Zwölf Monde
02. Frühling: Des schwarzen Flieders Wiegenlied
03. Sommer: In einem Mittsommernachtsschatten
04. Herbst: Lenkte einsam meinen Schritt
05. Winter: Dezembermond

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Following up to the Stille EP of 2003, the Nektar Teil I doesn't fail to show what a great band this is, and what a genious musician Marcel is. It's a great combination of what I'd say are the best elements from diverse metal sub-genres, such as death, doom, goth, and even progressive.
The album starts out with the slow instrumental intro song "Einleitung: Zwölf Monde" which actually gives you a chilly feeling, and then it breaks out onto "Frühling: Des schwarzen Flieders Wiegenlied" which starts out powerfully and with a typical BM guttural growl that grabs you and makes you wanna listen to the song even more carefully. The tempo picks up and slows down many times, and at about the middle of the song there's an instrumental part only composed by percussion.

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