Anathema - Eternity

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Release date: 11 November 1996
Style: Doom metal


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01. Sentient
02. Angelica
03. The Beloved
04. Eternity Part I
05. Eternity Part II
06. Hope [Roy Harper cover]
07. Suicide Veil
08. Radiance
09. Far Away
10. Eternity Part III
11. Cries On The Wind
12. Ascension

Digipack bonus tracks:
13. Far Away [acoustic version]
14. Eternity Part III [acoustic version]
15. Angelica [live]

Re-release bonus tracks:
16. Intro [live]
17. Restless Oblivion [live]
18. Shroud Of Frost [live]
19. We, The Gods [live]

Vincent Cavanagh - vocals, guitars
Daniel "Danny" Cavanagh - guitars, keyboards
John Douglas - drums
Duncan Patterson - bass

Session musicians
Les Smith - keyboards

Guest musicians
Michelle Richfield - vocals

Additional info
Recorded at The Windings, Hrwd Valley, Wales.
Produced & engineered by Tony Platt.
Assistant engineer - Martin Wilding.
Mastered at Battery Studios by Ian Anderson.

Limited edition digipack includes two extra tracks:
13. Far Away (Acoustic) (5:23)
14. Eternity: Part III (Acoustic) (5:06)

A 2003 reissue includes another bonus track:
15. Angelica (Live)

Japan edition includes three bonus tracks:
13. Far Away (Acoustic)
14. Eternity: Part III (Acoustic)
15. Sleepless '96

"Dawn" (by Farquaharson) & "Fantine" (by Hall) courtesy of Board of Trustees of the National Museums and Galleries on Merseyside (Walker Art Gallery).
Optical image of stars in cloud courtesy of
Royal Observatory, Edinburgh / AATB / Science photo Library.
Band photography Porl Medlock.
All tracks published by Vile Music except "Hope" published by Pink Floyd Music / Copyright Control.

The Roy Harper cover opens with the track Bad Speech and progresses then into Hope; this reflects the way it was originally released on "Whatever Happened to Jugula?" in 1985.

Staff review by
After the wonderful doom/death releases of "Serenades" and "The Silent Enigma" Anathema reach 1996 with their third full-length release, "Eternity", with Vincent remaining in the position of the singer offering to the band various ways of expression. With this release this unique UK band evokes a bitter taste of "eternity", the beauty of forever yet the bitterness of reality and simple questions/thoughts like "do you think we are forever?" reminding of how limited is our time on earth. Anathema drink from the wine of despair, sorrow, painful beauty, bitterness and cherish with us deep emotions through poetic and utterly esoteric lyrics, through melodies of their souls cutting deep in your heart with rose-leafs leaving behind bleeding wounds and aching scars.

published 17.10.2004 | Comments (9)

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30.04.2012 - 15:43
Rating: 9
Metal Addict
Another brilliant album! I'm not sure which one I like more - this one or "The Silent Enigma".
On the previous albums main songwriter was Danny Cavanagh, but this time a lot of songwriting was done by Duncan Patterson, which resulted in a more diverse album with such great songs as Eternity, Far Away, Cries On The Wind etc.
"And we are not who we think we are
We are who we're afraid to be"
- Lux Occulta "The Opening of Eleventh Sephirah"
10.01.2013 - 21:16
Rating: 10
8.6 is bloody low raiting for this incredible album. Silent Enigma , Eternity and Alternative 4 is the Holy Trinity of atmospheric metal.
We are just..a moment in time!
21.03.2013 - 10:25
Rating: 7
Secundum Filium
Very beautiful release, it's my first album from them and I'm really glad I picked it up when I did on Halloween night of '11.
Ordinary men hate solitude. But the Master makes use of it, embracing his aloneness, realizing he is one with the whole universe (Lao Tzu).
03.03.2014 - 17:07
Account deleted
Overlooked often in the shadow of Alternative 4, Judgement and The Silent Enigma.
I feel this has it's own place in Anathema's lineage, it's possibly my 2nd favorite album from them and a great atmospheric doom record.
16.10.2016 - 01:26
Rating: 9
This is a brilliant album.
Their second best after TSE.
Interestingly, this was exactly the point when Anathema moved away from the dark metal tunes.
And I find it very astonishing that this happened only within one year (from 1995 to 1996).
While, for me, Anathema never again reached the outstanding quality of TSE, on Eternity they are still so emotionally deep, this album kills me every time.
Highlights: Eternity (part I), Angelica and of course the great Pink Floyd cover Hope.
What makes this band one of my favourites is the fact that they are still kind of enjoyable for me with their atmospheric rock these days.
For me, this is a good example of a band that moved away quite far out of the metal scene, and still they produce quite decent stuff.
14.02.2018 - 12:11
Rating: 9
Great album

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