Six Feet Under - True Carnage

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Release date: 6 August 2001
Style: Death metal


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01. Impulse To Disembowel
02. The Day The Dead Walked
03. It Never Dies
04. The Murderers
05. Waiting For Decay
06. One Bullet Left [feat. Ice-T]
07. Knife, Gun, Axe
08. Snakes
09. Sick & Twisted [feat. Karyn Crisis]
10. Cadaver Mutilator
11. Necrosociety

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Right off the bat, one thing was clearly evident: Six Feet Under weren's out to amaze anyone with speed and technicality with this record. True Carnage is all about straightforward, heavy music. The guitars chug along nicely, Barnes is once again seeing how low it's humanly possible to growl, and the drums fit quite nicely. It's an album full of slow and groove-laden songs. I know, you're probably thinking ?Slow, huh? Boring!? right about now, but the truth of the matter is that the slow speed here is actually their greatest asset, because it allows the music to be truly heavy. So many death bands right now are so bent on being as technical and as fast as possible, that while still ultra-brutal, their music loses much of it's heaviness. They make me feel more like I'm being shot at from a fairly good distance with low-caliber machinegun than at point blank range with shotgun. Taking the opposite route was a very smart decision in my opinion. You might recall another somewhat recent release that did much the same thing: Morbid Angel's Gateways to Annihilation. As you might have guessed from the way I?ve been talking up until now, the music on this album is really quite a bit better than the rating would seem to indicate. Indeed, had it not been for two major gripes, I most likely would have awarded True Carnage a very respectable 9/10.

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02.06.2011 - 08:02
Rating: 2
One of the worst bands/albums I've ever had the displeasure of hearing.
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