Sodom - M-16

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Release date: 2001
Style: Teutonic thrash metal


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01. Among The Weirdcong
02. I Am The War
03. Napalm In The Morning
04. Minejumper
05. Genocide
06. Little Boy
07. M-16
08. Lead Injection
09. Cannon Fodder
10. Marines
11. Surfin' Bird [The Trashmen cover]
12. Witching Metal [Digipak bonus]
13. Devil's Attack [Digipak bonus]

Staff review by
Doc G.
When you watch those classic Vietnam war movies like "Full Metal Jacket" and "Apocalypse Now", have you ever wondered what it would be like if the power of those films was put into a metal album? Well, it seems Tom Angelripper and company did, and here it is - M-16.

Looking at Sodom's catalogue the theme for this album really comes as no surprise - a concept album about Vietnam, "Apocalypse Now" quotes and all. The most noticeable feature of this album is the amount of mid-tempo tracks. Its evident that the band made a genuine effort to separate themselves from the cookie-cutter non-stop shred fests that seem to dominate thrash albums. Songs such as "Marines" and "Napalm In The Morning" we see these powerful, driving riffs executed perfectly without being at a tasteless, blistering speed. To ignore some of the more upbeat songs is nearly impossible as well, scattered throughout the album are a handful of tracks that almost have a bouncing rhythm sound while still keeping to a typical thrash blueprint. To finish everything off we have a beefed up cover of The Trashmen's "Surfin' Bird", a song that fits perfectly into the theme of the album while greatly complimenting the bands punk influence that echos into many of their albums.

published 09.09.2009 | Comments (1)

Guest review by
Following the solid and complete return-to-thrash album Code Red, Sodom has attempted to improve with more distinguishable and memorable songs on M-16 and have done so with excellent results. This album is a concept about the Vietnam War which is no surprise for Sodom since the theme of war has been presented in their second full-length album Persecution Mania and every other album since.

published 09.02.2012 | Comments (2)

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14.09.2014 - 21:59
Account deleted
I can't resist.

Aside from that, this album is freaking sweet. Probably the one I'd put aside with Agent Orange as best Sodom album.
19.06.2015 - 11:07
Rating: 5
Dr. Strawberry
Only the first 3 tracks are good, the rest sound similar.
04.01.2019 - 14:44
Rating: 8
Maasai Mara
Most consistent thrash band ever. None of their albums earns a 9/10 but the lowest they score is a solid 7. Take the title track out of Agent Orange and this is the best Sodom album ever.
You are not metal enough until you visit Kenya. The cradle of mankind, where man learnt first to work with stones and first enjoyed the sounds produced by banging stones which later influenced metal in all its sounds and genres.

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