Freedom Call - Dimensions

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Release date: 20 April 2007
Style: Power metal


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01. Demons Dance
02. Innocent World
03. United Alliance
04. Mr. Evil
05. Queen Of My World
06. Light Up The Sky
07. Words Of Endeavour
08. Blackened Sun
09. Dimensions
10. My Dying Paradise
11. Magic Moments
12. Far Away
13. Warriors Of Light [Korean bonus]
14. Dancing With Tears In My Eyes [Korean bonus]
15. Heart Of The Brave [Korean bonus]
16. Hiroshima [Wishful Thinking cover] [Korean bonus]
17. Dr. Stein [Helloween cover] [Korean bonus]

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
You shouldn't be strangers to Freedom Call by now, you should know that if you want some over the top, happy power metal then this is the best place to come. With that in mind, you pretty much know what you are going to get by listening to this album.

Kicking things off, after yet another pointless two minute introduction track, is the obligatory fast paced power metal anthem we usually get to start albums off. Fast guitar, fast double bass drumming and the usual Iron Maiden/Helloween style sing along bits that sometimes just sound like they have been put there as a way to include an audience at a live show then to enhance the actual music in any significant way. The lyrics of the song and pretty much whole album are as cringe worthy as they have ever been before, this time including some children that are so innocent, sounds awful doesn't it, but I find myself enjoying this still. The good feelings that emanate from this clearly over the top music really did make me smile, so if you are the sort of person that can understand that maybe the lyrics and sound shouldn't be taken as such a serious statement and can embrace the happy sound then you should find no problem in having a good time listening to this.

published 23.04.2007 | Comments (12)

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