Saviour Machine - Rarities/Revelations [Boxset]

Release date: 14 January 2006
Style: Gothic metal


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Disc I
01. Saviour Machine
02. Leaves
03. Church Of The Vatican Slaves [live]
04. Ludicrous Smiles
05. A World Alone
06. The Pain
07. Son Of The Rain
08. Carnival Of Souls [live]
09. Legion [live]
10. A World Alone [live]
11. The Veil Of Armageddon [live]
12. Interview Segment [First Live Radio Interview]
13. Carnival Of Souls [rough mix]
14. The Mask [rough mix]
15. Enter The Idol [rough mix]
16. The Hunger Circle [rough mix]

Disc II
01. Saviour Machine I
02. The Stand
03. The Invasion Of Israel
04. World War III
05. The Beast
06. The Sword Of Islam [live]
07. Kings Of The North [live]
08. Enter The Idol [live]
09. Carnival Of Souls [live]
10. Love Never Dies [live]
11. A World Alone [live]
12. Saviour Machine II [live]
13. The Birth Pangs
14. The Woman
15. Behind The Mask
16. America The Beautiful [live]

Disc III
01. The Martyrs Cry [rough mix]
02. Mark Of The Beast [rough mix]
03. Antichrist II [rough mix]
04. World War III/II
05. The Covenant [rough mix]
06. Behold The Pale Horse [kaos mix]
07. The Eyes Of The Storm [live]
08. Revelation 13 [rough mix]
09. Prelude To The Lucusts [live]
10. Christians And Lunatics [live]
11. The Whore Of Babylon [live]
12. Legion [live]
13. Introductions [live]
14. Love Never Dies [live]
15. Ascension Of Heroes [live]
16. The Promise [live]

Disc IV
01. The Ancient Serpent [live]
02. Behold A Pale Horse [live]
03. The End Of The Age [live]
04. A World Alone [live]
05. Jesus Christ [live]
06. Interview Segment II [Christmas Rock Night 2001]
07. The End Of The Age [alternate version]
08. Twelve Hundred Sixty Days [alternate version]
09. Legend III:I/The Ancient Serpent [alternate version]
10. Abomination Of Desolation [alternate version]
11. Image Of The Beast [alternate version]
12. Rivers Of Blood [alternate version]
13. The Dead Sea [alternate version]
14. III:I/Voices Of Judgement [new version]
15. The Final Holocaust [alternate version]
16. The End Of The Age [alternate version]

Additional info
Limited to 500 signed and numbered copies

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