Hurt - Vol. II

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Release date: 25 September 2007
Style: Alternative rock, Post-grunge , Nu alternative metal


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01. Summers Lost
02. Ten Ton Brick
03. Aftermath
04. Abuse Of SID
05. Alone With The Sea
06. Talking To God
07. Loded
08. Better
09. Assurance
10. On The Radio
11. Et Al
12. Thank You For Listening

Staff review by
Baz Anderson
Hurt are a mainstream Californian alternative hard rock/metal band signed to a major label, Capital Records. I am sure after reading that some people may close this window and carry on with their normal every day lives, assuming that because this, "Vol. II", has alternative tendencies it won't be for them. This assumption will actually be correctly concluded for a sizeable chunk of them people, but also there is a good chance that you may actually be pleasantly surprised by Hurt if you give them a go.

published 03.11.2007 | Comments (5)

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