Beseech - ...From A Bleeding Heart

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Release date: 1998
Style: Gothic metal


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01. Shadowscape
02. Rainbowman
03. Silverstar
04. Eagleheart
05. The Winterflame
06. In Her Arms
07. Inhuman Desire
08. Kiss Of November
09. Dimension
10. Moonride

Additional info
Recorded at StudioMega
Produced and mixed by Christian Silver and Beseech
Co produced by Daniel Heiman
Mastered at Mastering room by Göran Finnberg
Photos by ARS Foto
Clothes design by Marie Larsson
Logo by Robert Melander
Paintings and layout by Beseech & Tomas Nilsson

Recorded in 1995, but not released until 1998 by Metal Blade, because of the financial difficulties of the band's original record label.

Tracks 3, 7, 8 and 9 are re-recordings of old songs from the "Tears" demo tape.

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The first official release of Beseech, "From A Bleeding Heart", came out during 1999 and it was obvious from back then that this band had to offer a lot to the metal scene, whether moving in gothic/doom metal soundscapes, or walking on the thin line of gothic metal and gothic rock (as they do today).

Beseech back then didn't sound the way they sound today, yet, the sound they had was brilliant and utterly emotional. Harmonizing beautiful doom metal elements with a gothic aesthetic as well as gothic rock references let them achieve an outcome which was music and emotions coming straight "from a bleeding heart", evoking an atmosphere of dark romanticism and melancholic poetry.

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