Edge Of Sanity - Evolution [Compilation]

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Release date: 29 November 1999
Style: Progressive death metal


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Disc I
01. Pernicious Anguish [1989 demo version]['99 remix]
02. Immortal Souls [1990 demo version]['99 remaster]
03. Maze Of Existence [1990 demo version]['99 remix]
04. The Dead [1990 demo version]['99 remaster]
05. Angel Of Distress ['99 remix]
06. Everlasting [1991 demo version]['99 remaster]
07. After Afterlife ['99 remix]
08. Human Aberration ['99 remaster]
09. Kill The Police [Cryptic Death cover][previously unreleased version]['99 remaster]
10. When All Is Said [previously unreleased remix version]['99 remaster]
11. Blood Of My Enemies [Manowar cover][previously unreleased demo version]['99 remaster]
12. Elegy [previously unreleased version]['99 remaster]
Disc II
01. The Masque ['99 remix]
02. Pernicious Anguish [previously unreleased in Europe version]['99 remaster]
03. Until Eternity Ends ['99 remix / re-recording]
04. Songs Of Sirens ['99 remix]
05. Criminally Insane [Slayer cover]['99 remaster]
06. Murder Dividead ['99 remix]
07. I Wanna Go Home [Sator cover]['99 remaster]
08. Damned By The Damned ['99 remaster]
09. Moonshine [1997 previously unreleased version]['99 remaster]
10. Bleed You Dry ['99 remaster]
11. Mother [Danzig cover]['99 remaster]
12. Epidemic Reign ['99 recording]

Additional info
All songs recorded and mixed by Dan Swanö except:
"Angel Of Distress", "When All Is Said", "After Afterlife", "Kill The Police", "Human Aberration" by Rex Gisslèn
"Damned By The Damned" by Peter Tagtgren
"Mother" by Kenta Brass
All mixes and pre-mastering by Dan Swanö
Mastered by Tom Müller

All songs written by Edge of Sanity except:
"Criminally Insane" by Slayer
"I Wanna Go Home" by Sator
"Kill the Police" by Cryptic Death
"Mother" by Danzig

Executive producion by Black Mark
Known photocredits:
Tobias Lundgren
Åsa Swanö
Mattias Axelsson
Anders Måreby
Graphics by Dan Swanö

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