Avulsed - Bloodcovered [EP]

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Release date: 2001
Style: Brutal death metal


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01. Immortal Rites [Morbid Angel cover]
02. Embryonic Necropsy And Devourment [Carcass cover]
03. Edible Autopsy [Cannibal Corpse cover]
04. Magic Dragon [Sodom cover]
05. Inner Self [live][Sepultura cover]
06. Ace Of Spades [Motörhead cover] [Re-release bonus]
07. Resistiré [Baron Rojo cover] [Re-release bonus]
08. Demoniac Possession [Pentagram cover] [Re-release bonus]
09. As I Behold, I Depise [Demigod cover] [Re-release bonus]
10. Matando Gueros [Brujeria cover] [Re-release bonus]
11. Mutilating Process [Asphyx cover] [Re-release bonus]
12. Foetal Mush [Xysma cover] [Re-release bonus]
13. The Number Of The Beast [Iron Maiden cover] [Re-release bonus]

Additional info
Self-released EP. Contains covers by the band from a selection of well-known death metal acts. Re-released in 2005 by Metal Age Productions with additional cover songs and the "Seven Years of Decay" EP as a bonus disc.

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