Release date: 1 February 2007
Style: Black metal


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01. Tower Of Strength
02. Istid
03. A Glimpse
04. Journey Into Afterlife
05. Legacy


Additional info
Melodic Black Metal
Sweden 2007
Label: Momentum Scandinavia
Total Running Time: 26:21

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Internet geeks and MTV addicts might already know of Admonish, probably without having ever listened to a single song of the band. How is that? Well, a couple of years ago, two members of the band appeared in MTV’s Pimp My Ride program and made quite a lasting impression on YouTube and co by growling and headbanging around in their ruined car. As fun as it was to watch, it certainly did not make me want to check out the music these two guys produced. So, Admonish, a joke band needing attention from a crap TV program to worm their way to the sun?

published 13.04.2008 | Comments (3)

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