Benighted Soul - Anesidora [EP]

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Release date: 2008
Style: Symphonic metal


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01. Medea's Anger
02. Fairytale
03. Prince Of Shades
04. Bucephalus
05. Blood Of Achilles [Instrumental]
06. Anesidora

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Symphonic metal really does seem to be flourishing in France. I have the impression that many of the bands I get to hear from this country play a symphonic type of music. Benighted Soul is one of them. Apparently they've been around since a couple of years now, however I hadn't heard of them before.

Anesidora is a symphonic power metal album with female vocals and a lot of orchestration, very much in the vein of Nightwish. Too much perhaps, and that is the main problem I have with this EP. It's all good and well to make music similar to other bands, out of obvious reasons not every single band in the universe can sound unique. But I have difficulties to detect a soul of its own in Benighted Soul. I'm not saying that this is bad music, not at all! But the thing is that Anesidora doesn't have anything whatsoever that I haven't heard before.

published 20.05.2008 | Comments (0)

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