Release date: 28 April 1990
Style: New wave of British heavy metal, Heavy metal


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Disc I [Running Free / Sanctuary]
01. Running Free
02. Burning Ambition
03. Sanctuary
04. Drifter [live]
05. I've Got The Fire [live]
06. Listen With Nicko! (Part I)

Disc II [Women In Uniform / Twilight Zone]
01. Women In Uniform
02. Invasion
03. Phantom Of The Opera [live]
04. Twilight Zone
05. Wrathchild
06. Listen With Nicko! (Part II)

Disc III [Purgatory / Maiden Japan]
01. Purgatory
02. Genghis Khan
03. Running Free [live]
04. Remember Tomorrow [live]
05. Killers [live]
06. Innocent Exile [live]
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part III)

Disc IV [Run To The Hills / The Number Of The Beast]
01. Run To The Hills
02. Total Eclipse
03. The Number Of The Beast
04. Remember Tomorrow [live]
05. Listen With Nicko! (Part IV)

Disc V [Flight Of Icarus / The Trooper]
01. Flight Of Icarus
02. I've Got The Fire
03. The Trooper
04. Cross-Eyed Mary
05. Listen With Nicko! (Part V)

Disc VI [2 Minutes To Midnight / Aces High]
01. 2 Minutes To Midnight
02. Rainbow's Gold
03. Mission From 'Arry
04. Aces High
05. King Of Twilight
06. The Number Of The Beast [live]
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part VI)

Disc VII [Running Free / Run To The Hills]
01. Running Free [live]
02. Sanctuary [live]
03. Murders In The Rue Morgue [live]
04. Run To The Hills [live]
05. Phantom Of The Opera [live]
06. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) [live]
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part VII)

Disc VIII [Wasted Years / Stranger In A Strange Land]
01. Wasted Years
02. Reach Out
03. Sheriff Of Huddersfield
04. Stranger In A Strange Land
05. That Girl
06. Juanita
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part VIII)

Disc IX [Can I Play With Madness / The Evil That Men Do]
01. Can I Play With Madness
02. Black Bart Blues
03. Massacre
04. The Evil That Men Do
05. Prowler '88
06. Charlotte The Harlot '88
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part IX)

Disc X [The Clairvoyant / Infinite Dreams]
01. The Clairvoyant [live]
02. The Prisoner [live]
03. Heaven Can Wait [live]
04. Infinite Dreams [live]
05. Killers [live]
06. Still Life [live]
07. Listen With Nicko! (Part X)

Additional info
The First Ten Years is a series of 10 cds and double 12" singles released between Feb 24 and Apr 28, 1990, to commemorate Iron Maiden's first ten years of releasing singles. Each CD/double 12" contains two of Iron Maiden's singles, including the b-sides. In addition, each contained a bonus track, a part in the "Listen With Nicko" series, in which drummer Nicko McBrain tells about
the songs on the discs, in his own humorous way.

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