Annihilator - The One [EP]

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Release date: 26 April 2004
Style: Thrash metal


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01. All For You
02. Weapon X
03. The One
04. All For You
05. Never, Neverland [Live Video]
06. Refresh The Demon [Live Video]
07. Alison Hell [Live Video]

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Annihilator's sound is revamped in this EP. A band that had been very much Thrash Metal since its inception has changed. Annihilator had for a long time held their sound and the fans were loyal; this was a new step for their career. This was an experimental EP used to define their future sound. My opinion of it is this; it answered a question the band wanted to pose. It offered good music, mixed with mostly questionable music. Mainly I am speaking of the opening track "All For You". The music is not what you would expect from the band and Jeff Waters' voice is what poses the biggest casualty to the music. His voice sounds so different on this song that it catches you completely off guard. The music itself is also less than impressive. If you are not a fan of Nu-Metal, it may be best to ignore this track. "Weapon X" is not much different. The music is more traditional, but the voice is still there. Though not quite as bad as "All for You", it is still not what you would expect from a thrash metal outfit. On a positive note; the title track, "The One" is different in many ways. Slow, melodic, lyrical - brilliant. It's a refreshing change of pace for all kinds of metal lovers. Headbangers who remember "Snake In The Grass" from "Set The World On Fire" should be curious about this track. You have never heard Annihilator like this before, but it's an excellent sound for them. It is by far the best song on the EP.

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