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Release date: 27 June 2008
Style: Viking folk metal


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01. Ginnungagap
02. The Sons Of Bor
03. Idavoll
04. Yggdrasil
05. The Aesir
06. Fenris
07. Valhalla
08. Utgarda-Loki
09. Hymir
10. The Death Of Baldr
11. Vigrid

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All songs, written, performed and recorded by Ben Corkhill
Produced and mixed by Ben Corkhill
Session violin by Gareth Evans

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If you can't stand Falkenbach, don't bother to read any further. There won't be nothing of interest for you in this review.

Oakenshield is a British one man band which indulges in Viking Metal, just like a nearly ridiculous amount of bands does nowadays. Ben Corkhill is the man behind Oakenshield who attempts to compress the Gylfaginning - the creation and destruction of the world in Snorri Sturluson's Prose Edda - into 60 minutes. So far, so generic. So what sets Oakenshield apart from the rest of the Viking Metal flock?

published 07.07.2008 | Comments (5)

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