Darkthrone - Frostland Tapes [Compilation]

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Release date: 23 June 2008
Style: Black metal, Death metal


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Disc I
[Land Of Frost Demo 1988]
01. Land Of Frost
02. Winds Of Triton
03. Forest Of Darkness
04. Odyssey Of Freedom
05. Day Of The Dead
[A New Dimension Demo 1988]
06. Intro: Twilight Dimension
07. Snowfall
[Thulcandra Demo 1989]
08. Eon
09. Thulcandra
10. Archipelago
11. Soria Moria

Disc II
[Cromlech Demo 1989]
01. The Watchtower
02. Accumulation Of Generalization
03. Sempiternal Past / Presence View Sepulchrality
04. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
[Live in Denmark 1990]
05. Cromlech
06. Sunrise Over Locus Mortis
07. Soulside Journey
08. Accumulation Of Generalization
09. Sempiternal Past / Presence View Sepulchrality
10. Iconoclasm Sweeps Cappadocia
11. Neptune Towers

Disc III [Goatlord - Rare Instrumental Version 1991]
01. Rex
02. Pure Demoniac Blessing
03. (The) Grimness Of Which Shepherds Mourn
04. Sadomasochistic Rites
05. As Desertshadows
06. In His Lovely Kingdom
07. Black Daimon
08. Toward(s) The Thornfields
09. (Birth Of Evil) Virgin Sin
10. Green Cave Float
11. A Blaze In The Northern Sky
12. Fenriz Drum Solo

Additional info
Black Metal / Heavy / Punk
Label: Peaceville Music
Norway: 2007
Length: 2:38:00

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I you're a fan of Darkthrone and cannot find their first demos then maybe "Frostland Tapes" will be a good replacement for you. Actually, this nice digipack is a compilation of the four demos of the Norwegian cult band including the first instrumental version of Goatlord plus a short live show recorded in Denmark in 1990. It's of course not so new and not perfectly recorded but this part of Metal history must be discovered in my opinion and I think that the fans of the band will find something interesting for them here.

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26.11.2011 - 04:46
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M C Vice
This also comes as a 2 disk version. All the songs are on here, but Cromlech demo is on the 1st disk and Live from Denmark and Goatloard are the 2nd disk.
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