Les Fragments De La Nuit - Musique Du Crépuscule

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Release date: 2008
Style: Neoclassical


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01. Eveil Des Fées
02. Assault
03. La Ronde Des Fées
04. Entre Ciel Et Fer
05. Devenons Demain I
06. Devenons Demain II
07. Solitude
08. Solarisation
09. La Chambre Des Fées
10. Soleils Noirs Pour Lune Blanche
11. La Mélodie De La Tête
12. Le Château Enchanté
13. Le Scarabée Bleu
14. Soleils Noirs Pour Lune Blanche - Tango
15. Les Eaux Dormantes
16. Alpha Du Centaure

Additional info
Label: Equilibrium Music
France: 2008
Length: 40:28

Line-Up on the CD:
Violins: Ombeline
Piano: Michel
Violins: Cendrine
Violins: Aurore
Cello: Ian Elfin

Vocals: Maryvette Lair
Vocals: Marion Gomar

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In our brutal Metal world, some beautiful and peaceful music is always like a fountain of youth. "Musique du Crépuscule", the first album of Les Fragments de la Nuit, a strings quintet from France, is in this category and when you use to listen to everyday all the "new" Metal albums it's really refreshing to discover such releases. Sure, this is not something for every metalheads but if you're a bit open minded and like to listen to dark classical music and even folk things; I think that this release will maybe be for you.

published 03.08.2008 | Comments (7)

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