Rest In Peace - Oceans Of Time

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Release date: 2008
Style: Progressive heavy metal


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01. The curtains Of My Lies
02. Nameless War
03. Memory
04. Oceans Of Time
05. At My Side
06. Silence Howls
07. Just A Last One
08. Die Alone
09. Violent World
10. Innocence
11. No Answer

Additional info
Heavy Metal / Progressive
Label: Self-Released
France: 2008
Length: 44:58

Line-Up on the CD:
Vocals, guitars: Wince Loisy
Guitars, vocals: Laurent Rabatel
Bass, vocals: Jean Claude Di Bravo
Drums: Aldo D'Introno

Staff review by
Rest In Peace is not the most popular band from France but "Oceans Of Time" is already their third album and when I see the quality of this release, I'm still wondering why people doesn't talk a lot more about them, and above everything else, why they're still not signed by a good label. Let's just hope that "Oceans Of Time" will be the key of a real success, this album has all the weapons to win this war, so really this time it should be good!

published 22.08.2008 | Comments (0)

Staff review by
It took me some time to realize I had already heard of the band Rest In Peace before, as their last release dates back to 2003.
It's no surprise to discover that this new album, Oceans Of Time, was recorded by an almost new band, although two of the founding members are still present.

This being said -and although I'm not that familiar with their 3 previous efforts, only a few changes are to be found in the music, remaining heavy, somewhat prog and slightly power metal. Unfortunately - and there I seem not to agree with Jeff's review, the result is far from being as effective as the description can imply. Simply put, most songs have a few interesting moments but those don't last long. It can be due to repetitiveness, with choruses for instance, or to a lack of surprise, of rhythmic changes. See, it's a bit like the music flows endlessly into your ears but without you being able to seize it. It's not catchy.

published 07.11.2008 | Comments (0)

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