Vulvathrone - Bukkake

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Release date: 27 April 2007
Style: Brutal death metal, Grindcore


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01. The Allure Of Domination
02. Porn, Porn, Porn
03. Forced Oral Fuck
04. Piss Bukkake
05. Maxxed Out (Tribute To Max Hardcore)
06. Strije
07. Plastered With Semen
08. Bleed For Me
09. Toilet Slut
10. Tarja, You Cunt!
11. Marquise De Rous
12. Bitch, Suck My Tich!!! (Extended Version)

Additional info
Porn Death/Grind
Slovenia 2007
Label: On Parole Productions
Total Running Time: 30:55

Staff review by
This is a band that leaves little to the imagination: with a name such as Vulvathrone, an album title such as Bukkake, a phallic band logo, stupid porn song titles and lyrics and gross artwork, I assume everyone's got a good idea of what they play. So, the question is, do Vulvathrone have anything to offer on this debut album that has not been already done to death by the numerous porn grind bands that prowl the darkest alleys of our sprawling metropolises?

published 07.09.2008 | Comments (15)

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