Hegemon - By This, I Conquer

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Release date: 2002
Style: Black metal


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01. Warfare Unleashed
02. The Rise Of The Empire Of Mine
03. My Breath As A Blade
04. Stigmata
05. Immisericors
06. Interlude
07. No Glory For Traitors
08. I Never Felt A Pain That Was Not Pleasure
09. By This, I Conquer

Guest review by
Tiago Rocha
Hegemon plays black metal with a power/folk flavour scattered around. Such combination gets especially obvious through the 2nd half of the album. Most of the songs start with an intro (a technical one, not sampled whatsoever), then black metal leading: quick rhythm changes, technical bass playing, and acoustic breaks in some songs. It has a few progressive elements in it, but the overall feeling is a mix of old Darkthrone with folkish Bathory, resembling Klabautamann a lot. Therefore, By This, I Conquer gets technical, raw and melodic at the same time. The album sounds catchy but not cheesy, and here's where Hegemon is at the top of its game.

published 19.10.2012 | Comments (0)

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