Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow... When I Can't Even Smile Today

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Release date: 13 September 1988
Style: Crossover thrash metal, Hardcore, Punk


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01. Trip At The Brain
02. Hearing Voices
03. Pledge Your Allegience
04. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
05. The Miracle
06. Suicyco Mania [CD bonus]
07. Surf And Slam
08. If I Don't Wake Up
09. Sorry!?
10. One Too Many Times
11. Feeling's Back

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Suicidal Tendencies was one of the more influential and important bands of the hard core/thrash cross over. Their first two release - the absolutely ripping self titled debut and the decent "Join the Army" were punk records with decidedly metallic influences.

Their third release, 1988's "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today?" saw them cross over to the thrash metal side of the fence.

published 04.05.2009 | Comments (7)

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How Will I Laugh Tomorrow When I Can't Even Smile Today is Suicidal Tendencies' third studio album and their departure from their previous hardcore punk era which was heavily featured on their self titled debut and their second album Join The Army. Here, the band is starting to transform, and Suicidal Tendencies is one of if not the most important and influential band in the genre of crossover thrash.

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31.10.2014 - 01:17
Rating: 9
Even though my interest in thrash has, Sylosis aside, just about disappeared since the genre pretty much helped get me into metal, I continue to return to this album, due to the well-written songs, great lead guitar work and most of all the general fun atmosphere about it. The Miracle and Suicyco Mania are perhaps slightly lacking, but the first few and last few songs (including Surf And Slam, which is hugely enjoyable) on the album are almost entirely crackers. Aside from perhaps Sabbat's History Of A Time To Come, this is probably the 'old' thrash metal album I listen to most these days.
31.10.2014 - 03:33
Au Pays Natal
I like this album but Lights... Camera... Revolution! is better to me :0
16.10.2016 - 01:54
Rating: 8
I am not into ST in general, but this (single metal) album by this band is excellent.
Back in the 90s, many of my friends were into this band, which I never understood.
Only recently, I found out, that How will I laugh... is actually a really good thrash album.
Hightlights: The miracle, and in particular the outstanding title track.
19.07.2018 - 07:12
Damn this album is really inspiring
Never trust a junkie.
28.04.2020 - 21:49
Rating: 9
Jope of Steele
Genious music in many ways, no clear genre limitation, guitarists were masters in what they did -- people don't say that Rocky George should return for nothing -- and Mike Muir -- at least in these old albums and music videos -- were a rather charismatic frontman. All songs are highlight in some perspective but I will have to go with what seems to be the popular opinion: "How Will I Laugh Tomorrow" has always appeared to me as a clear standout song. "Trip At The Brain" is another favourite. Almost a masterpiece album that, I'd imagine, even posers can handle as it isn't super far on the extremity scale.
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