Nolentia - Sell Your Soul To Grind'n Roll! [Demo]

Release date: 5 May 2008
Style: Grindcore


2 have it
1 wants it

01. Blindness Substituted
02. Kanske
03. Godless
04. Goethe
05. Nihil
06. Destruct

Ghis - vocals, guitars
Vince - drums
Raf - bass, vocals

Additional info
Grindcore/Brutal Death Metal
Recorded: Corronsac Beatdown Gay Boyz Klub/Muret Beach, France 2007
Total Running Time: 14:24

Staff review by
On one of these many bleak and dreary December days, one's pondering mind is easily distracted reminiscing downy memories of those brighter days that once were but now are lost forevermore. And one of those twinkling sunny memories of the past year that is outshining the rest by far is of course the thought of Hellfest Open Air, Metal Storm's absolute favorite summer festival in case you haven't noticed yet. I remember sitting in the grass in the French sun during this year's edition enjoying myself with a bunch of other Metal Storm related people, when all of a sudden this demo got pushed into my hands. Since I always had a great liking for quality (by this I don't mean the quality of the CD itself, but more the quality musically speaking) grindcore-like affairs, I decided to share the merrymaking, so behold my unsolicited opinion.

published 14.12.2008 | Comments (2)

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