Release date: 27 October 2009
Style: Blackened death metal


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01. Sitra~Ahra (Power 9)
02. Dark Priest (Lord Ahriman)
03. Buer
04. 333 (Purity 9)
05. End All, Be All 2012
06. Azael: 9 Lords, 9 Keys...Abyss-King
07. Paimon
08. Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)
09. Satanic Magick (Evil Divine)
10. Xem Deitus 999


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Satan's Host, the odd Power metal-turned-Extreme metal American foursome. If anything, these guys cannot decide what genre of music to play, but hey, that only makes things interesting right?

Well, Power Purity Perfection... 999 is their umpteenth full-length (seventh, if you actually care for such petty details) and it isn't as bad as Power metal-turned-Extreme metal sound. Their previous two albums Satanic Grimoire: A Greater Black Magick and Great American Scapegoat 666 were both, besides horribly cheesy, solid albums while doing nothing new. Power Purity Perfection... 999 is much the same.

published 02.12.2009 | Comments (2)

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