Dødsferd - Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey

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Release date: 11 November 2008
Style: Black metal


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01. You Were Talking About A Kingdom; What The Fuck Is That!!!
02. The Day You Will All Rot, I Will Bury Forever My Hate!
03. I Can Easily Destroy All The Things I Have Created!
04. Suicide Was Created By Your Incompetence
05. Light Is Darker In This Swamp
06. Death Set The Beginning Of My Journey

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Wrath, sole member of the Greek Dodsferd, steadily follows the direction set since the foundation of his project (and the scene in general). Which is exactly why reviewing a band like this is a little superfluous, as everyone will know what to expect before even having heard the album. Dodsferd's path of Black metal has been trampled so often that it has become more of a ditch. Really, it has suffered so much wearing out that it has become a knee-deep groove, and with the current future prospect, it'll one day be deeper than the Grand Canyon.

published 07.03.2009 | Comments (2)

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