Officium Triste - Charcoal Hearts - 15 Years Of Hurt - [Compilation]

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Release date: 2009
Style: Death doom metal


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01. No Hope
02. Divinity [re-recorded]
03. My Charcoal Heart [Acoustic Version]
04. Love Like Blood [Killing Joke cover]
05. Fading Like A Dying Candle [From The Split With Cold Mourning (1998)]
06. Downfall (Through Veils Of Grey) [From The Split With Cold Mourning (1998)]
07. Intro: Officium Triste Part II [Mountains of Depressiveness EP (1996)]
08. Mountains Of Depressiveness [Mountains of Depressiveness EP (1996)]
09. Dreams Of Sorrow [Mountains of Depressiveness EP (1996)]

Additional info
Compilation released for the band's 15th anniversary. Official release by Displeased Records on May 15 2009, but sold by the band on tour in april 2009 already.

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The Dutch doomsters Officium Triste released this album as a 'celebration' (can doomsters celebrate? No one has sent me my doom fan handbook yet and I could use a ruling on this) of, well, as the title implies, 15 years of their doomed existence. The album is comprised of nine tracks with the first four recent recordings for the occasion and the last five included from prior releases as a historical retrospective. The cumulative result gives the listener a good sampling of their traditional-style, romantic-themed doom metal.

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