Various Artists - Metal Message Vol. V [VA]

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Release date: December 2008


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01. Fimbulvet - Helias Bann
02. Hromovlad - Slavia
03. Tumulus - Kochevonov
04. Dark Forest - Journey To Ever-Eternal Skies
05. Tiwaz - The Battlelore
06. Dyrathor - Im Auge Des Sturms
07. Xerión - No Pazo Derruido Da Existencia
08. Adorned Brood - Sons Of The Damned
09. Waylander - As Deities Clash
10. Natan - Volkskracht
11. Andras - Miasma Track
12. Obscurity - Nach Asgard Wir Reiten
13. Vinternatt - De Zwarte Mis

Additional info
This V/A album contains bands from the Viking/Folk/Pagan variety. Comes in a DVD package, but is actually a CD.

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Some of the older readers may remember that I once reviewed "Metal Message IV", a compilation that aims at showcasing the best of Viking, Folk, Pagan metal. The guys behind Metal Message are now back with a fifth issue, remarkably titled "V". I'm not going to write a paragraph on each and every band on this compilation, as it would be way too much work for me and much too boring for me, so I'll just try to cover them in a sentence or two.

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