Anal Cunt - Morbid Florist [EP]

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Release date: 20 September 1992
Style: Grindcore, Noisecore


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01. Hello, I Love You [The Doors cover]
02. Some Songs
03. Song #5
04. Chump Change
05. Slow Song From Split 7
06. Unbelievable
07. Siege
08. Grateful Dead
09. I Don't Wanna Dance
10. Even More Songs
11. Radio Hit
12. Some More Songs
13. Morrissey
14. Song #6
15. Guy Lombardo
16. Bonus Track

Additional info
In 1998, Relapse Records re-released Morbid Florist.

The song "Hello, I Love You" can only be heard on the tape version of the album, it is pre-gap before the song "Some Songs" which is techinically the first song. To hear the song "Hello, I Love You" the listener has to rewind the tape before the song "Some Songs" to hear it.

The reissued version contains extra songs:
Drop Dead
The Pentagon
Death And Taxes

12 of the original 14 songs on Morbid Florist were re-recorded and released on Anal Cunt's later album Everyone Should Be Killed. They are: "Some Songs", "Song #5", "Chump Change", "Slow Song From Split 7"", "Unbelievable", "Grateful Dead", "Even More Songs", "Radio Hit", "Some More Songs", "Morrissey", "Song #6" and "Guy Lombardo". The only songs from Morbid Florist to not be re-recorded for Everyone Should Be Killed are "Siege" and "I Don't Wanna Dance".

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