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Setherial - Ekpyrosis

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Release date: May 2010
Style: Black metal


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01. A World In Hell
02. Ekpyrosis
03. The Mournful Sunset Of The Forsaken
04. The Devouring Eye
05. Subsequent Emissions From A Frozen Galaxy
06. Thoughts Of Life They Wither
07. Celestial Remains Of The Cosmic Creation
08. Enemy Of Creation

Guest review by
Setherial are one of the many Swedish black metal bands out there. Although the scene is generally dominated by bands such as Dissection, Marduk and Dark Funeral, Setherial are still fairly known, if not as emphasized as their peers for their 1996 album Nord. This is their sixth full-length effort, Ekpyrosis.

When you look on the outside, these guys possess the stereotypical black metal attitude. So called "satanic" beliefs (better known as attention seeking), a negative view on commercial success and overall desire to distance themselves from the scene. Fine and dandy, they have proven themselves as more-or-less worthy artists. Time to look on the inside (this is where the music is located). In Ekpyrosis, they've pretty much captured... the conventional Swedish black metal sound. You have the standard cold atmosphere and harmonies, shrieks and howls and blast beat attacks. There is some progressiveness to be found (and it is an improvement over Darkness Triumphant), but it's apparent that they've simply reproduced their more recent sound, although not as inspired, as say, Hell Eternal. The chilling melodies and atmosphere of Dissection and the aggression/chaos of Marduk coupled with a few moments of its own, that don't last too long.

published 12.08.2010 | Comments (5)

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