Bleeding Fist - Bestial Kruzifix666ion

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Release date: 28 September 2009
Style: Black metal


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01. Morbid Psychotic Distortion (Part 1)
02. Spirit, Dust and Magic
03. Celebration Of The Third
04. Sabbath Ov Mist
05. Dissected Dominion In Blood
06. Black Magic Book
07. Morbid Psychotic Distortion (Part 2)
08. Conquering Apocalypse
09. Morphogenesis Of The Holocaust

Additional info
Produced by Marko Gigon and Bleeding Fist. The main cover artwork is work of Sickness666.

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I like Bleeding Fist. When you claim to play "Chaos Metal" (a.k.a. Black Thrash), release four demos called Funeral (x version) and then proceed to call your latest full-length Bestial Kruzifix666ion, you can count on my respect. Oh, and they don't only have a MySpace, but their own Facebook too. Kill, rape and hail S8N, right?

published 03.09.2009 | Comments (4)

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