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Nolentia - ...One Loud Noise And It's Gone

Release date: October 2009
Style: Grindcore


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01. Oyster
02. Snowball Fight
03. Do I?
04. What Could Be
05. Rhetoric Of Self-Abhorrence
06. Plurality Of Self
07. Destruct
08. Construct
09. Feed Off Agonies
10. Laudate
11. Vacuity
12. Godless
13. Human Beta Release
14. Dismantle

Ghis - vocals, guitars
Vince - drums
Raf - bass, vocals

Staff review by
Recorded: Bringer Studios, France 2009
Label: No Master's Voice Records
Total Running Time: 34:11

Now here's a title that - fortunately - doesn't live up to its name. A physicist I am not, but the sound waves Nolentia are producing are hardly to be called noise. Quality noise at the very minimum. Also, this isn't exactly the kind of quality noise that's just gone without a trace. These are the kind of songs that will stick into your brain for days like a distracted surgeon's scalpel. The kind of evil-mastermind-songs that are so intense, catchy and vile, you need to wash the dirt off after listening... only to find yourself humming the same melodies in the shower (tension building).

published 17.11.2009 | Comments (2)

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