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Taliandörögd - Scraps From The Mire

Release date: 2009
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal


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01. The Saving Bite
02. Swapping Burdens
03. Inside The Grinding Mould
04. On Hollow Ground
05. Second Shackle
06. Out Of Hand
07. The Plunder
08. Size Of The Stain
09. The Bad Half

Staff review by
Darkside Momo
Talian are a new band from France. Oh, well, they're not total beginners, as the band rose from the ashes of meloblack act Taliandorogd. The name was shortened, and the style evolved to something still melodic, but now on the thrash/death/core side of things. Yes, Gothenburg it is!

After the very Dark Tranquillity-esque introduction of "The Saving Bite", the assault starts. We're deifinitively in familiar grounds, with harsh vocals and drumming, unrelenting riffing, and melodic guitar leads. And that's the 'basic', but trusted, formula on which the album is built. The guitars do their work very well, propelling the songs forward (along with the tight drumming), all the while infusing a lot of melody in this otherwise pretty aggressive music.

published 04.02.2010 | Comments (0)

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