Opeth - Ghost Reveries

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Release date: 30 August 2005
Style: Progressive metal


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Disc I
01. Ghost Of Perdition
02. The Baying Of The Hounds
03. Beneath The Mire
04. Atonement
05. Reverie/Harlequin Forest
06. Hours Of Wealth
07. The Grand Conjuration
08. Isolation Years
09. Soldier Of Fortune [Deep Purple cover] [special edition bonus]

Disc II [Special Edition DVD]
+ Beyond Ghost Reveries: A Documentary
+ A 5.1 Mix Of The "Ghost Reveries" Album
+ The Director's Cut Of The Video: "The Grand Conjuration"

The best Progressive Metal album of 2005
Top 20 albums of 2005: 1
Top 200 albums of all time: 35

Mikael Åkerfeldt - vocals, guitars, additional mellotron
Per Wiberg - organ, grand piano, electric piano
Peter Lindgren - guitars
Martin Lopez - drums, percussion
Martín Méndez - bass

Additional info
Produced by Opeth. Co-produced, engineered and mixed by Jens Bogren.

Guest review by
Last year, I was at a CD store and this album, for some odd reason, seemed to call out to me. Maybe it's because of the amazing cover art or maybe it was just me, I'll never know. I've only been a metalhead for a short time (2 years). The first real metal band that I listened to was Iron Maiden, then I heard about Slayer, and the Lamb Of God, Children Of Bodom, Tool, In Flames, Trivium, etc. Previous to being in the music store, I had heard about Opeth from a friend and I had actually heard two tracks from the new release, those being, GHOST OF PERDITION, and THE GRAND CONJURATION. I thought that these two tracks were absolutely mindblowing, and so as I was saying, the album called out to me, so I bought it. What a good choice I made.

published 12.07.2006 | Comments (57)

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22.03.2015 - 16:25
Rating: 6
Bad English
Album from year when my metalhead internet career(no fuck sake its nit career, its LIFESTYLE, since age 13 I like such music and I have not given it up and I am 30 now, I wont give it up, if I have not I wont) anyway 2005 was when I most start use I net for music IMO 1999 was when I got I net home and until 2003/04 it was dial up. After it when its 24h , it was possibilities and I spend hours digging, looking in doom metal.com , gothmetal.net, MS and MA ...

ok back on album, one of 1th what I dig up online, maybe because I saw music video, I dunno, I knew Opeth before, but that days I was like poser, I liked only what is '' TrOO'' I was not into any what is not TrOO (even nu , djen, mat most of prog sucks still) , I didn't like it than

Now its enjoyable album, great guitars, great calm clean vocal passage , I hate song The Grand Conjuration, but basically I like this album a lot now, rest is simply brilliant.

and yes I will listen this music until day I die , pension days be wonderful,
Life is to short for LOVE, there is many great things to do online !!!

Stormtroopers of Death - ''Speak English or Die''

I better die, because I never will learn speek english, so I choose dieing
28.10.2015 - 14:57
A fairly safe album by their standards. It seems like the motive behind this one was to please all the fans. Some quality tunes regardless.
18.04.2016 - 00:36
Rating: 10
19.10.2017 - 14:11
"The Quaker"
Written by Guest on 06.06.2014 at 23:13

Written by Erik M. on 06.06.2014 at 23:11

Totally disagreed. Well, it's subjective obviously, but for me this is a lot better than Watershed... as my rating should indicate.

This one feels very forced at a lot of points for me and lacked a sense of flow. That's about it really

Now that Opeth in general finally clicked with me after years of trying to get into it, I get the same feeling about this record too. First I thought it just because of how it sounds, but then realized I'm fine with the production - it's the songwriting that I find not so appealing. Some choices, misplaced dissonance that makes me lose interest and comes across messy.

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