Neuromist - Move Of Thought

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Release date: 25 March 2010
Style: Progressive death metal


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01. The Sixth Dawn
02. Bizarre
03. Reason Crusade
04. Inner Voids
05. Lost Grip
06. Cortex Tectonics
07. Rebuilt Babylon

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Neuromist are an emerging progressive/technical death metal band from Moldova, formed in 2004. This year they have released their first full-length album, Move of Thought.

Their style blends classic technical death with melodic metal, the songs often featuring melodic passages which then shift back to the fierce riffs common at many tech-death bands and well-executed here. You'll find many notable riffs, whether they be more raw, grinding or more complex. There is also a wide array of solos which are somewhat bluesy or jazz-inspired, at times being ambitious and adding to the atmosphere of the music. Overall, it sounds like the fierce riffs and progression of Meshuggah coupled with the disjointed "structures" in the music of Gorguts. But if you want a more interesting comparison, think of Akerfeldt meeting Thorhendal in a club and deciding to start a tech-death band. Some groove elements are also present in the album.

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An unknown band from Moldavia that kicks major ass, Neuromist is sure to blow your mind!

Newcomers in the field of technical, jazzy death metal are few and far between, so it would be a shame to let such a talented band rot in obscurity.
Think Meshuggah, Atheist, and the Quebec scene (Gorguts, Neuraxis, Martyr...). Add to this a real songwriting skill...

Now you just have to download it for free here, and listen to this little gem.

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29.07.2010 - 05:41
Daydream Nation
Account deleted
What an album. Stunning!
30.07.2010 - 09:46
Rating: 7
The vocals are a bit raw though..
18.08.2010 - 06:09
Daydream Nation
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Well, so was Gorod's first album...
And Meshuggah's...

It sounds exactly like a debut album should sound like. And more. Hopefully with the next album they can focus on more technical arrangments, though.
19.10.2013 - 23:20
Rating: 8
"The Quaker"
Just revisited this, it's awesome

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