Rise To Fall - Restore The Balance

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Release date: 22 February 2010
Style: Alternative metal, Melodic death metal


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01. Redrum
02. Unknown Presence
03. Inner Scream
04. Rise From Drama
05. Prophet Of Doom
06. Infected Wounds
07. Forbidden Lullaby
08. When The Instinct...
09. ...Kills The Reason
10. My Sombre Prospect
11. Chasing Infinity

Staff review by
Darkside Momo
Everyone in the metal world does know that melodeath/Gothenburg metal is quite a trend, with numerous followers and copycats. Well it seems right now that the Swedish city just relocated to Bilbao, Spain, as Rise To Fall sounds so Gothenburg-ish that they could as well been born there.

Yes, they're defined by their label as modern melodeath. Understand by this that this album is uncannily similar to recent Soilwork (for the vocals, the keyboards, the sound) or to In Flames' Reroute To Remain (for half of the songwriting). Just to add to the pot, I must say that Gothenburg metal is indeed a small family… After all, this album was signed on Coroner Records with the help of Ettore Rigotti, who also produced the album, and who is no other than Disarmonia Mundi's mainman.

published 29.03.2010 | Comments (0)

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