Metherrra - World Of Discord [Demo]

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Release date: 2010
Style: Death metal


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01. With Our Eyes Shut Blindly We Aim For The Next In Line
02. He Who Devours Our Land
03. Thou Whore of This Haven
04. This Oblivion Gate
05. World of Discord
06. Aftermath

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With their 2010 demo, World Of Discord, exhibit a willingness to go beyond straightforward death metal and allow exterior influences, primarily black, to seep into their music.

Opening the release is the awesomely titled "With Our Eyes Shut Blindly We Aim For The Next In Line" which contains within itself some pounding blast beats, subsonic cookie monster growls, tremolo riffing, melodic lines, a nice little lead, and some doubled vocals which add a black metal rasp alongside the growls. Oh, and there is even a Garm-esq monkish vocal approach thrown in for good measure. All in all, it somehow works as the song shifts tempos, riffing styles, and vocals... they don't sit on anything long enough to let it get stale. It's the strongest track on the album, by virtue of it's unwillingness to stick to any specific formula.

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