Siebenbürgen - Grimjaur

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Release date: 1998
Style: Melodic black metal


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01. Grimjaur
02. Vintervila
03. Nattskräcken
04. Slottet Auragon
05. För Mig… Ditt Blod Utgsjutet
06. Dödens Svarta Fana
07. Luna Luciferi
08. I Döden Fann Hon Liv
09. Vargablod
10. Ibi Cubavit Lamsa

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Siebenbürgen, a black metal act from Sweden, released their second album "Grimjaur" in 1998, but have unfortunately now disbanded. This is an album which may not be the masterwork but is still beautiful in the field of its genre.

The album starts creating a required atmosphere in the very beginning of the first track by mysterious bell tolls. Sounds catchy enough though Siebenbürgen is not the only band who have used the sound of a church bell as an introduction to their album. Let's have the infamous Horde for instance with "Hellig Usvart".

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15.10.2016 - 01:51
Bad English
Well its still good one, but after opener kick ass blast CD, this seems or should I say sounds a bit weaker, but its not, one of rare case when simply amazing opening peace is such a blast
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