Death Toll Rising - Defecation Suffocation

Release date: 15 May 2010
Style: Death metal

01. The Visceral Remains
02. Blood Stained Ceiling
03. Defecation Suffocation
04. The Bludgeoning
05. Babyslitter
06. Transcendence Ritual
07. Spontaneous Decapitation
08. The Empath
09. Demon Rot

Staff review by
Doc G.
Why? Why am I listening to this? I thought I outgrew predictable death metal 5 years ago. Alas, it appears I need to do my reviewing homework so let's make an attempt to analyze this boring pile of crap.

Predictable, boring, unexciting - all words to describe this fact, feel free to go ahead and return to watching porn because you've already got the jist of where this review is going. Death Toll Rising; even the name is about as uncreative as it gets! Perhaps I would have found such a name enticing when I was 13, but we're all a little too jaded for this crap by now. Usually when listening to an album, you let it play through, then occasionally look back at your media player (or whatever your format is) to make mental notes whenever something sticks out, with Defecation Suffocation it was difficult to remember it was even still playing, let alone make any sort of memorable impression. As for variation? Nothing. Maybe some tempo changes here and there, a slight pitch change in the growls, a solo popping up every now and then. Possibly some brief entertainment for death metal die-hards, certainly not much past that.

published 04.09.2010 | Comments (16)

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