Mortician - Re-Animated Dead Flesh

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Release date: 2004
Style: Deathgrind


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01. Werewolves Curse
02. Burned Alive
03. Bludgeoned
04. Merauding Savages
05. Skinned
06. Human Beasts
07. Bloodsoaked Carnage
08. Unseen Force Of Death
09. Torn Apart
10. Axe
11. Punishment
12. Re-animated Dead Flesh
13. Buzzards
14. Madman Marz
15. Return To The Grave
16. Dismembered
17. The Dead Pit
18. Crazed For Blood
19. Slugs
20. Claws Of Death
21. Mass Destruction
22. Be My Victim

Staff review by
Another Mortician album, this time those two guys really made an effort to accomplish finally an album with awesome production, good guitar riffs, more and more movie sound clips, Drums that sound like a machinegun, and really low vocals.

This could sound as an average Mortician album right? Well this time the answer is no, I mean, Yes those elements are still there, but this time you can find some catchy riffs and even some structured songs, that's incredible if you stick to the fact that mortician is all about noise and bad production, this time even the production is great, the album sounds loud and clear, and finally we can hear perfectly the stumpy bass and distorted guitar, don't ask about the vocals that in fact sound better but then again we can't understand a single word of the song without reading the lyrics(I think I heard some words but I am not sure…)

published 14.08.2005 | Comments (5)

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