Sortilège - Larmes De Héros

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Release date: 1986
Style: Heavy metal


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01. La Hargne Des Tordus
02. Chasse Le Dragon
03. Le Dernier Des Travaux D'Hercule
04. Quand Un Aveugle Rêve
05. Mourir Pour Une Princesse
06. La Montagne Qui Saigne
07. Marchand D'Hommes
08. Messager
09. La Huitième Couleur De L'Arc En Ciel
10. Saggitarius (Le Dernier Des Travaux D'Hercule) [Instrumental version] [bonus]
11. Elephant Man (La Hargne Des Tordus) [English version] [bonus]
12. Win Her Heart (Mourir Pour Une Princesse) [English version] [bonus]
13. Flesh And Bones (Marchand D'Hommes) [English version] [bonus]

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Sortilege: Larmes De Héros

France, the land of good cheeses and awesome wines, has never been renowned for its metal scene. In fact, maybe if it changed a little bit these days with the growing French Black Metal scene or a major band like Gojira, but in the eighties metal was more associated with Great-Britain, USA, Germany or even Sweden than France. Happily, this didn't prevent France from having a Metal upsurge at the beginning of this infamous decade with bands such as Satan's Jokers, Vulcain and, of course, Sortilege. This last band had everything to succeed: good composition skills; an awesome singer that some critics dared to compare to Rob Halford; and guitarists with an impressive sense of melody. But, singing in French, not comfortable in their attempts to sing in Shakespeare's language and lacking the support of any serious record company, in 1986 Sortilege decided to disband after roughly five years, leaving one Demo, one EP and two awesome full-length albums. Almost forgotten as of 2010, Chuck Schuldiner's favorite band deserved more than this. That is why your humble slave is here today; to make you discover one of the best traditional Heavy Metal albums I've heard in my life, their very last album Larmes De Héros.

published 06.10.2010 | Comments (7)

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