Tsjuder - Kill For Satan

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Release date: 2000
Style: Black metal


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01. The Daemon Gate
02. Necromancy
03. Lord Of Terror
04. Raping Christianity
05. Dying Spirits
06. Unleashed
07. Kill For Satan (The King's Birth)
08. Sodomizing The Lamb (The King's Conquering)
09. Beyond The Grave (The King's Reign)

Pål - guitar & backup vocals
Halvor "Draugluin" Storrøsten - guitar
Arak Draconiiz - guitar
Christian "Anti-Christian" Svendsen - drums
Jan-Erik "Nag" Romøren - bass, vocals

Guest review by
Track 1: Chugga, chugga, chugga, aaaaargh, DEMONS, aaargh, chugga, SATAAAN!
Track 2: Aaaargh, chugga, chugga, SATAAAN, chugga, chugga, RAISING THE DEAD!
Track 3: Chugga-aaargh, chugga, chugga, chugga, SATAAAN!

Are you beginning to understand what I'm trying to say? No? Very well then, let's do a full review, even though, honestly speaking, there isn't much of a need, not when it comes to a two-dimensional album such as this.

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