Thyrfing - Farsotstider

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Release date: 21 November 2005
Style: Viking black metal


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01. Far Åt Helvete
02. Jag Spår Fördärv
03. Farsotstider
04. Höst
05. Själavrak
06. Elddagjämning
07. Baldersbålet
08. Tiden Läker Intet
09. Järnvidjors Dans [Japanese bonus]

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Swedish Viking metal outfit Thyrfing are back, stronger than ever. After three years of sudden absence they hit the scene with their fifth album "Farsotstider." However, the most anticipated release of that year wasn't so agonizing, as we already found the previous release "Vansinnesvisor" to be great. This full-length shows only that the band has matured and are ready for creating. Thankfully, it was as "Vansinnesvisor" but just more massive. Most of you will not like it so much at the first listen; you have to listen to it more than once to truly start appreciating it.

published 29.07.2006 | Comments (5)

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