Unseen Terror - Human Error

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Release date: 23 June 1987
Style: Death metal, Thrash metal, Grindcore


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01. Unseen Terror
02. Oblivion Descents
03. Divisions
04. Death Sentence
05. Nermal
06. Ignorant Scene
07. Uninformed
08. Expulsions Of Wrath
09. Garfield For President
10. Burned Beyond Recognition
11. Winds Of Pestilence
12. Hysteria
13. In A Shallow Grave
14. Odie's Revenge
15. Deliverance
16. The End Product
17. To Live & Learn
18. Charred Remains
19. Beyond Eternity
20. Garfield Strikes Again

Additional info
Re-released by Earache in 2001, with bonus early demo material and extensive
liner notes from the band.

1. Expulsion of Wrath
2. Beyond Eternity
3. Scarred (0:49)
4. Walls (0:41)
5. Human Error
6. Within Without (1:23)

Mitch Dickinson - Vocals, Bass, Guitar
Shane Embury - Drums

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23.10.2010 - 11:25
Rating: 8
I really love the fuzzy guitar tone and Garfield-themed songs. Seems to be a pretty overlooked album despite the people who were in the band.
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25.10.2010 - 21:45
Rating: 8
Sleazy Rider
For some reason, yes. Although I'm not too keen on the high-pitched-buzzing distortion coming straight from the table instead of miced-up amp (at least it sounds exactly the same like we did as kids, hehe...) and admittedly Mitch Dickinson's vocals can get on ypur nerve with their quite monotonous semi-growl (or more like a read-through), the song material is killer all the way. "Oblivion Descends" deeeeestrooooyyysss!

In any day, with this record technical defects in recording and performance are easily forgiven as minor flaws even if Oblivion would be the only good track - luckily that is not the case. This album has it's most important aspects in their places: Huge-balled DIY mentality, insane energy, killer riffs and above all, BIG HEART and compassion of what the guys are doing. Huge respect.
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