Golden Dawn - Return To Provenance

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Release date: 9 January 2012
Style: Melodic black metal, Extreme gothic metal, Gothic black metal


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01. Nameless
02. Return To Providence
03. Dark Illuminations
04. Dionysian Eucharist
05. Denial
06. Seduction
07. Vision Of Entirety
08. Self-Destruction

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So you were asking for more meloblack with slight gothic influences, right? No, not at all? Too fucking bad, because that's what you're getting here.

Fortunately, this thing isn't half bad. In fact, it's pretty damn solid. In fact, it's so pretty damn solid that people who aren't fans of the aforementioned genre(s) probably won't have much trouble finding something to enjoy on this. So buckle the bottom half of your idiotic late-90s automatic seat-belts, we've got a blast from the not-so-distant-but-still-distant-enough past here that doesn't totally suck chodes.

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20.01.2011 - 13:01
This band still exists?? Very curious about this one.
"We are blind to the world within us, waiting to be born"
17.05.2012 - 23:22
Troy Killjoy
Watered down gothic-influenced melodic black metal possibly geared towards current Dimmu and possibly trying to attract fans of Anorexia Nervosa. Definitely not enough staying power here... just goes downhill as soon as the first track ends.
Prettier than BloodTears.
05.08.2013 - 21:05
Bad English
Some greeks would wosrhip this bands name , some would hate this bands name
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