Blodwen - Black Symphony

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Release date: 23 September 2010
Style: Symphonic metal


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01. World As One
02. Midnight Fairytales
03. Cry Out To me
04. White Noise
05. Pengakuanku (My Confession)
06. Into The Darkness
07. Flower Song
08. Night - Black Symphony
09. Your Wings [Japanese version]
10. Two Notes
11. Your Wings [Romantic Guitar version]
12. Night - Black Symphony [Orchestral version]

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Blodwen means 'white flower' in Welsh language. A suitable and original name for a symphonic rock group from Indonesia whose style has also been categorised as neoclassical and power. This group has issued their debut album Black Symphony (now this name has been a bit too popular for some time already but that's not the point anyway). It is, however, very pleasant to hear from bands hailing from exotic countries like Indonesia.

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