Blut Aus Nord - The Mystical Beast Of Rebellion

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Release date: 2001
Style: Industrial black metal


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01. The Fall: Chapter I
02. The Fall: Chapter II
03. The Fall: Chapter III
04. The Fall: Chapter IV
05. The Fall: Chapter V
06. The Fall: Chapter VI

Vindsval - guitars, keyboards, vocals
GhÖst - bass

Additional info
Reissue released in 12/2010 includes a bonus disc with the following new tracks:
01. The Fall: Chapter 7.7
02. The Fall: Chapter 7.77
03. The Fall: Chapter 7.777


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03.02.2011 - 14:25
Account deleted
I can't begin to fathom why they'd want to re-issue this. It's as rubbish now as it always was. The tacked on second CD tracks are quite good; Blut aus Nord doing doom (or thereabouts) but they bear no semblance to the original CD tracks whatsoever. They should have released them as an EP.
10.02.2011 - 18:51
Rating: 4
This CD is virtually the same song, repeated note to note again and again and again and again and again and again !!! Avoid....
15.03.2011 - 17:28
Rating: 8
This album gets undue hate, the songs on the album are similar but they aren't carbon copies of each other. What you call repetitive I call cohesive. The atmosphere on this album, and many of their others, is phenomenal and that's what drives it. The quiet industrial parts at the ends of the songs are creepy and beautiful, and a taste of what was to come on the much better TWWTG. It is a disappointing release because it comes between arguably their two best albums but it's by no means rubbish. And 8.4/10 from me.
07.02.2014 - 17:49
Account deleted
He should have released those 777 tracks as a standalone EP. Really good stuff. Probably the closest BaN's come to releasing a doom record.

Oh wait, I already said that. Nevermind.
24.12.2014 - 04:42
Rating: 6
Revisited this one and enjoyed it more than before. I wished the album was shorter. Some tracks are rather good on their own, especially I love track 2 but the whole album is too repetitive. I blame the constant drum machine sound.

Still need to check the extra tracks. 7.777 sounds very good.
Giving my ears a rest from music.
23.10.2015 - 22:33
Rating: 7
Nihil's Maw
Sorta decent, mostly "meh"... but those three tracks from the reissue disc are pretty awesome. The final one, Chapter 7.777, puts me in quite a state. Good shit, but I agree with JOOE, it should've been released as a separate, standalone EP.
25.07.2018 - 21:35
Rating: 9
Damn, I love this record. Menacing, hypnotic, bleak, guitar-driven Atmospheric Black Metal. The production it's pretty much perfect, dirty but clear, so everything can be heard.
18.10.2018 - 18:08
It's not their best for sure, but I think it's a much more important album in their discog than some may think. This was basically the stepping stone between the earlier meloblack sound and The Work. Far more of the former sound, but you can begin to hear that creeping industrial dissonance enter the picture here and there as well, so listening to this album it becomes a bit easier to understand how the band made that huge leap.
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