Sabbat (JPN) - Live At Blokula [Live]

Release date: 1995
Style: Black metal, Thrash metal

01. The Seven Crosses Of Damnation
02. Satan Bless You
03. Possessed The Room/Deadmarch
04. Bird Of Ill Omen
05. Reversed Bible
06. Evoke The Evil
07. Evil Nations
08. Total Necro...
09. Envenom Into The Witch's Hole
10. Disembody To The Abyss
11. Satan Is Beautiful
12. Hellfire
13. Ghost In The Mirror
14. Black Fire

Temis Osmond - guitars, vocals, keyboards
Zorugelion - drums, vocals
Masaki "Gezol" Tachi - bass, vocals

Additional info
Label: Evil Records (Cat.# 666-00B)
Format: CD
Limited to 666 copies.

Produced by Sabbat.
Recorded live at Music Farm,1993-94.

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