Somnolent - Renaissance Unraveling

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Release date: 28 March 2011
Style: Funeral doom metal


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01. Exhale!
02. Emptiness Beyond The Horizon
03. Visible World Eraser
04. P.R.O.S.E. (Poem Risen On Somnolence Error)
05. Solipsistic Exfoliation
06. Chrysalis Verge (Part 1: Inside)
07. Chrysalis Verge (Part 2: Tearing Out)
08. Division Of Nihil

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Somnolent seem to have a bit of a musical identity crisis going on. Apparently they started as a funeral doom band, released an album, then they altered their identity for this go around. Renaissance Unraveling is part prog, part post and part doom with some sludgy bits tossed in as well.

The problem is that while there are cool bits here and there, nice riffs, leads, or atmospheric sections, they aren't strung together in any meaningful sort of way and just sort of sporadically appear spread through-out the release. It feels disjointed. There just isn't any continuity.

published 05.05.2011 | Comments (12)

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